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Frequently Asked Questions - My Dealer Supplies

Frequently Asked Questions

This Agreement was last modified on 14th August 2021

Are products made in the USA?

All printed products are made right here in the USA at the Versa-Tags manufacturing facility in Cuba, MO.

How long will it take to get my package?

Some products ship the same day you order depending on the time of day. Most products will ship the next business day.

Can I buy from Versa-Tags directly?

No. Versa-Tags will only sell through Pre-Qualified Trusted Distributors.

Can I buy custom products not shown in the store?

Absolutely, please contact us at support@mydealersupplies.com with your specific request.

How do I contact support?

Please email us with your questions or concerns at support@mydealersupplies.com.

How do I cancel my order?

Unfortunately given that some orders ship the same day all sales will be final at the time of checkout.

Why isn’t my coupon working?

Please contact support@mydealersupplies.com if you are having issues with your coupon code.

Can I ship using my FedEx account?

Not at this time. If you are ordering in bulk please contact us at support@mydealersupplies.com to see what arrangements can be made.

How can I get bulk pricing discounts?

Please contact us at support@mydealersupplies.com to discuss pallet pricing as may be required.

Do I need an account to place order?

Yes a user account is required to place an order.

How do I track my order?

Tracking is uploaded within 1-2 business days after order has shipped. You can login to check your order status and find FedEx specific tracking at that time.