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5 Automotive Sales Marketing Strategies to Maximize Your Profits

Today’s car dealerships face a variety of challenges when trying to attract buyers. Tough competition from other dealerships makes it difficult to stand out, even with big promotions. Plus, shoppers are increasingly using digital channels to research and purchase cars, which translates into fewer walk-ins and test drives.

Car dealerships already operate on thin profit margins, requiring them to deploy more creative strategies to increase sales. Before you spend your entire marketing budget on expensive radio and TV ads, consider using these 5 marketing strategies to maximize profits.

1) Optimize your digital presence

With the increasing use of digital channels for car research, it’s critical that car dealerships have a strong digital presence. Internally, this means having a robust website where shoppers can view your inventory, schedule test drives, apply for financing or chat with a sales associate. But also, dealerships must leverage external sources too. For example, placing listings on third-party auto marketplaces (a primary destination for many shoppers today) will help customers find the vehicles they want and direct them to your dealership. 

2) Leverage social media aggressively

An active social media presence can be as powerful as your sales team. Make sure you have accounts on all the major platforms, and consider hiring at least one social media manager to post content non-stop. This is your opportunity to connect with active car buyers and previous customers. Use the posts to announce promotions, new inventory, price drops, photos of your staff – whatever it takes to keep your dealership top-of-mind.

3) Make your dealership impossible to miss

This strategy may seem old-fashioned, but it’s still incredibly effective (and inexpensive). Attract attention to your dealership with balloons, banners, buntings, car dealership flags and other eye-catching items placed on your vehicles and all over the lot.  Even a single car dealer sticker on the windshields can build excitement and give the appearance of a big sale (even if there isn’t one). Once you get people in the door, you can continue to build excitement by placing promotional messaging on the car key tags, auto service hang tags or other items that shoppers encounter during their visit.

4) Use customer data to your advantage

Most dealerships today have ample data on their customers. The question is: are they doing anything with it? This data is a goldmine for connecting with the people who are most likely to purchase from you again in the future. As such, you should be using it constantly to send targeted email campaigns, custom offers, trade-in incentives and other messaging. This data can also be used for targeted online ads, which is another vital component of your digital presence that can boost profits.

5) Build partnerships with complementary businesses

This is a great way to reach your target audience without spending a ton on advertising. By partnering with related businesses, you can promote your dealership and offer customized incentives. Example businesses include car insurance companies, financial services and auto repair shops. People using these businesses may be looking for a new vehicle, so it’s a great opportunity for cross-promotion.

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