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Running a car dealership requires an extensive array of supplies. From sales aids to inventory management tools, there are numerous types of supplies that enable dealerships to run their operations more easily and efficiently.

As a trusted online source for auto dealer supplies, we are well-versed in the many different products that dealerships use daily. It would be easy for us to list hundreds of “must-have” supplies, varying widely in price and priority. For the purposes of this post, we’ve narrowed down our list to 4 essential items that are often underestimated in terms of value and importance.

The supplies below may not be the flashiest (and certainly not the most expensive), but make no mistake: they are indispensable for most dealerships.

1) Car Key Tags

What is it?

A car key tag is a small tag that attaches to the key of a vehicle. The most common purpose of car key tags is to identify which car the key belongs to. However, the tags can also be used to display promotional messages, information about the dealership, “no smoking” reminders and other information.

Why is it essential?

Car key tags are vital for inventory management! Without them, it can be very difficult to keep track of vehicles, especially at larger dealerships. Also, for many dealerships, these tags play an important role as a sales & marketing aid (by incorporating the dealership logo and contact information, for example).

2) Car Dealer Stickers

What is it?

Car dealer stickers are used to place messages on vehicles for sale at a dealership. Designed with adhesive backing, they are typically attached to a vehicle’s windshield or other windows. The stickers can be used to display promotions, information about the vehicle or even service reminders.

Why is it essential?

Windshield stickers are surprisingly powerful at attracting attention to a vehicle – even if the sticker only displays the model year. And, when all the cars in the lot have stickers, it can have a psychological effect on buyers: people may assume there is a sale happening or that cars are being deeply discounted. On the flip side, if a vehicle has no sticker at all, customers will assume it’s not for sale. 

3) Car Dealership Flags

What is it?

Car dealership flags are used to display messages on a vehicle. Similar in purpose to window stickers, these flags can be used for promotional purposes or providing information about a vehicle, such as whether it is new or pre-owned.

Why is it essential?

There’s a reason why car dealerships have been using flags to decorate their lots for decades. They work! They attract attention, build excitement and create anticipation for savings.

4) Auto Service Hang Tags

What is it?

Auto service hang tags are hung from a car’s rear-view mirror, typically for the purpose of displaying promotions, service reminders or information about the vehicle, such as the model year.

Why is it essential?

Like stickers and flags, hang tags are a simple, inexpensive way to get vehicles noticed. But they also serve the practical purpose of displaying the sales price, a “sold” message or other information, making it easier for shoppers to browse your inventory.

Need to stock up?

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